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Laser Dentistry

Changing Conventional Dentistry

Laser is a high quality optical energy, it is a special type of light.

At The Laser Dental Clinic, we have invested in the latest laser technology to bring you the best treatment possible.

Lasers in modern dentistry are:

  • more predictable

  • less invasive

  • pain-less

Where possible, we aim to use laser technology to ensure you have a more comfortable treatment experience.

Laser Dentistry vs Conventional Dentistry:

  • ​minimally invasive compared to traditional methods

  • reduced need for cutting or stitches

  • more predictable and faster healing, less discomfort

  • removes infection and bacteria without need for chemicals and antibiotics

  • reduce or eliminate need for local anaesthesia, great for anxious patients

  • no discomfort from vibration of a conventional dental drill

Laser dentistry can be used in almost all aspects of dentistry, including:

  • dental fillings

  • gum disease treatment

  • disinfection for root canal treatment

  • teeth whitening

  • gum lift

  • wisdom teeth removal

Contact us to find out more about how laser dentistry can help you!

Head over to our partnering business The Wellness Light Spa to see how lasers can help with chronic pain and acute injuries.

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