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Our Story

Introducing New Age Dentistry

My husband Steve and I established The Laser Dental Clinic after many years of practice ownership on the Gold Coast. We have been local residents for a long time, and with two young children, we wanted a business where we can be with our family while serving the local community.

I started working with dental lasers in 2017 and was blown away by this amazing technology that is not very well known. Once I have worked with a laser, I simply could not go back to the old way of dentistry. Soon I realised lasers have many benefits beyond just the teeth, it has many application from head to toe - this was the reason why The Laser Dental Clinic, along with The Wellness Light Spa and The Laser Aesthetics Studio was born.

Being a dentist for over 15 years now, one of the most heard comments I hear on a daily basis is "I hate the dentist!" I understand that many people have a real fear of going to the dentist, as a result of traumatic experiences in the past - sometimes as early as childhood, and many times as an adult. We carry this negative experience with us, and the longer you hold onto it, the more difficult it becomes to overcomes the fear. It saddens me that some teeth cannot be saved as it had just been put off for far too long.

When we started The Laser Dental Clinic, our mission was to change the way conventional dentistry is perceived. I wanted a warm and peaceful surrounding where my patients feel safe, comfortable and looked after. I want my patients to feel empowered about their health, and make treatment choices that align with their beliefs and goals.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to our long term well being. We believe that achieving great health and vitality goes beyond just treating the symptoms. By taking a more holistic approach and finding out root causes means we can address the problem and prevent if from recurring.

We are proud to have created such a unique space to serve our community. We are humbled and immensely grateful for all our patients that have travelled far and wide, all the way from Sunshine Coast down to Northern NSW; and to the wonderful people in our local community that continue to support us and believing what we do in making a difference, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dr Susan 

Plants and Pottery

Dr Susan Chen

BDSc (Hons) QLD

Dr Susan is a local Brisbane girl. Having completed high school and university in Brisbane, she has worked as a Senior Dentist in Queensland Health as well as owning a private practice on the Gold Coast. Being a local resident of Forest Lake for the past 8 years,

Dr Susan is excited to bring her vision to life to her local community.

Dr Susan has worked as a Lecturer for The University of Queensland, as well as lecturing in Australia and New Zealand on Laser Dentistry. She has recently completed LA&HA Master in Laser Dentistry, as well as Graduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies.

When Dr Susan is not at work, she spends time with her two energetic children, you may even catch her at the local school drop off and pick up! Dr Susan enjoys travelling and good food. She can get a bit hangry so we make sure she is well fed at work :)

Fun fact: In her spare time Dr Susan makes her own handmade soap!

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